Cold reading

“Cold reading” is the ability to say things about a person without knowing him, and give him the feeling that you know everything about him. Cold reading is based on accumulated knowledge about different types of people from all sectors and from all corners of the population. With this technique I perceive people for their unique features and characteristics and “categorize” them in hundreds of “drawers”. This is not an easy job at all. Optimum application of the cold reading requires a good intuition along with thorough, in-depth and many years of field work. A person who engages in cold reading builds his “catalog of types” during meetings with people from different socio-economic strata, from different countries and different cities. He meets them in shopping malls, hotels, markets, and anywhere he can think of, and makes in his mind like a computer scan the appropriate links that outline the character of the person, even without getting to know him in depth personally.

The more data you get about the person – what car he drives, where he lives, what he has in the fridge, what his wardrobe looks like, what types of shampoo he uses, what perfume he likes, etc. – the more accurate the reading.

In what cases is the cold reading useful?
The cold reading is very useful in the field of business and in placing personnel at work. I am invited to business meetings with companies to provide an additional facet to the impression of the client, and also provide an additional opinion for hiring employees and matching them to the position, and this is thanks to the catalog of types that I have in my possession.

In the field of the stage, the artist of the senses uses intuition and the “cold reading” technique to impress the audience. A real and good artist of the senses can identify different people and types through basic assumptions, crossings and combinations of body language, facial features, smell, type of hair, teeth, nails, clothing, jewelry, etc. Although there are fixed parameters, which also appear in literature, such as mimicry (facial expressions), voice – diction and intonation, gaze, etc., but there are also quite a few variables, such as clothing and related accessories, which the expert sense artist makes use of in the cold reading.

Is a psychic gifted with supernatural abilities?
From all of the above, it is clear that a master of senses is not endowed with supernatural abilities. He is endowed with the ability to “read” people based on strong intuition and cold reading, which have been acquired over the years with much effort, just as an experienced clothes saleswoman is content with a quick glance to identify the needs and tastes of the customer who enters the store.

In conclusion, intuition and cold reading are tools at the disposal of the artist of the senses.

It is not about magic or supernatural abilities, but a long and thorough process of investigation, deepening and learning. All of these, combined with a natural talent, improved through experience, manage to surprise and excite the audience, and even help professionals choose their employees or reach decisions.

Remember! In true professionalism there are no shortcuts. The successful artist is not necessarily the celebrity who appears on billboards, but the one who worked hard, studied and became professional.

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