Entertainment is a serious thing

Entertainment is a serious thing
Magic and sensory arts are used not only as a means of entertainment, but also as an aid to the business world and social formation.

When I am invited to an event, I conduct a research conversation with the inviter to get to know the company, the purpose of the event and the audience. I receive information about which people should be involved and who should be brought closer to whom, in order to adapt the best plan for achieving the goal. I walk around among the people, fascinating them, making them wonder and laugh and leading to conversations that, without my intervention, would not have taken place. Even people who have already seen everything and avoid mingling with the crowd, captivated and integrated into the circle of the curious, exchange experiences and ask questions. These are the things that in a very short time manage to connect people, and there is nothing like consolidation to create an efficient and functioning society.

The art of the stage, and especially the art of telepathy and mentalism, has a common denominator with the world of marketing, sales and public relations – both try to sell and convince using psychological means, only the artists of mentalism do it in an entertaining way, which sweeps the audience, fascinates them, and finally – sells.

In recent years, I have been invited to performances and events abroad in various fields, starting with sales promotion and public relations, conferences and exhibitions, and ending with family events, fun days and gatherings. From all of these I came away with the insight that today it is impossible to promote a subject without combining entertainment and curiosity. Just as teachers or lecturers are required to be a kind of stand-up comedian, so also in lectures, conferences and “serious” events, a professional person is needed who will break the ice, bring life to the tedious moments,

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