Art of the senses

When you need an entertainment show, you can find many types of such shows for different events, but not every event can take you on a magical journey beyond superhuman abilities. Such a show is the kind of show of magicians I know. But today the shows that are more familiar to us are those shows of sensory artists, telepathy and testing superhuman limits. We all know our five senses: hearing, sight, touch, taste and smell. Alongside these five senses there are also other senses that are not recognized as official senses, among them – the sixth sense.

Who is a master of senses:

Some call the sixth sense intuition. As a way of knowing events that have not yet occurred and have telepathic ability. Such are known today by the artists of the senses. We all know that it is not about exact science or magic and supernatural abilities. A professional artist of the senses is measured by the ability to perform an informed and intelligent combination between his developed senses and techniques acquired for entertainment purposes. For example, an artist

The senses will be able to read your thoughts, predict the future, move objects with the power of thought, bend spoons, guess numbers and deceive the audience because he really has supernatural powers.

Israel today:

Israel is the artist of the senses and a mentalist who has already appeared on many stages in front of many thousands of people. He won their hearts by an experiential, intelligent, engaging entertainment show with a sense of humor. Israel is gifted with the ability to enter the mind of others and decipher their secrets. With a combination of telepathy skills, mind reading and a special diagnostic ability, he immerses them using psychological tools and techniques and body language to make the show an unforgettable experience.

When can we invite you Israel?

If you are organizing any event: private or business, big or small, and you are looking for an intoxicating, fascinating, interesting and special artistic show, then Israel Boyum is the person you want to invite. For more details, you can contact us through the website at any time.

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